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The Farm

The Farm

MARCH 2017

Christmas came and went, over in a flash. Alot of preparation, but there is where the fun is. The antisapation of being with family and friends. Old repeats on the TV and good food.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support through out 2016 and hope to see you all in 2017.

We have nearly finished lambing at the farm. The ewes and their new lambs are out by day enjoying the spring sun. They can come in at night if they wish, although as it gets warmer they tend to stay out. For the first time we installed remote controlled  cameras in the lambing sheds. this enabled us to watch them from the comfort of the living room in the evening and through the night. Any problems we could be there straight away. This enable us not to distrub them unless we were needed. Although it was addictive to watch. their behavior is quite fastinating.

January was fairly dry so we were able to clean out all the calf igloos and sheds. When the calves get about 12 months old we moved them to bigger pens at Church farm. This lets us buy in more little calves and refill the igloos. These calves are fed milk twice a day with ad lib feed and straw. The igloos are warm and well ventilated and the calves can lie down in the warm or wander around in the outdoor pens

Simon and Kathryn have also been lambing. They have 10 pedigee Blue de Maine they bought last year as a starter flock and are going to keep them for breeding.

They are also the proud parents of a new baby boy Frederick born in January, so they have their hands full now





Another year begins and we are just seeing signs of a late winter.

The frosty mornings we've been having are how its supposed to be a the moment. Lets hope the weather for 2015 will be kind to us!

Lambing in due to start in ernest  


JUNE 2014

 The sun is shining and we have a full pit of silage ready for next winter. we have nearly finished picking up the hay we have made in the last week, the weather has been great for making hay, it is so much easier when you have a good dry spell. Hopefully we will be able to catch up with some jobs round the farm or even a day out.

At last we have been able to start buying calves to go in the new igloos. The site has been empty since our last TB test, Defra will not allow us to buy in stock for 60 days after we had one animal go down as a reactor. this has put the farm under huge pressure,  we normally replace  the stock as  we sell the larger cattle so the stock numbers stay the same.

All the sheep are out on the banks grazing and the lambs are growing very quickly. They were sheared at the begin of the month and are not missing their thick coats. Due to the large amount of black wool from the Zwarbles the fleeces were not worth anything last year but this time we have more mule cross bred ewes so the white wool might be worth a bit more, Hopefully the wool board will be paying us this year instead of us paying them to take it away.


The Farm

MARCH 2014

As we near the end of our lambing season, we are grateful that we had only one flooded shed. We managed to empty and clean it out in a day curing the problem by digging the ditch that runs along the back. (There is something to be said for maintenance and the upkeep of the waterways and rivers.)

Lambing has gone well despite the weather. Sheep are not fans of the wet. A cold frosty morning is more to their style. They are going out to graze in the day, coming in at night so we can feed and check them.

Due to the prolonged wet weather, we have not been able to get on with trimming the hedges, the land is so waterlogged that it would do a lot of damage. We have until the end of February to do them, so it looks like we will have to wait until the autumn to finish them after the birds have finished nesting and moving on.

The cattle are all in, eating lots of silage, barley and maize that we grew for them. Working in the wet and wind is very wearing but we are lucky we have not suffered the dreadful floods and damage other farmers have encountered. We are all looking forward to a few bright clear mornings that make the job go with a flow and put a spring in our step.

Usually at this time of year we do the little jobs that need catching up on, maintenance and repairs but with the weather so wet, it is taking the most of the day to get round the feeding, mucking out and bedding down, that is needed to be done to keep all the cattle and sheep content and happy. They too will be glad to see blue skies and warm spring days.

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