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Nothing Added Meringues!

Farmhouse made using local, natural ingredients. These crispy, chrunch, chewy meringues have a scrummy homemade texture and taste.

For a quick, simple pudding which looks fabulous on the table, pile a meringue base high with fresh fruit, and serve with dollops of whipped cream or crème fraiche. We love strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for a colourful summer treat. Or try something a little more exotic – halved peaches lightly baked in the over with a sprinkle of amoretti liqueur served on top of the crispy meringue base scattered with crushed amoretti biscuits and served with crème fraiche. 





We make it personally!

My family have been farming at Hardwicke Farm for in gorgeous Gloucestershire for 3 generations. We’ve always looked after our land and the wildlife whilst producing the highest quality organic pastures for our herd of 80 beautiful cows.

We know ‘The Ladies’ all by name and we milk them personally every day to ensure that they’re a happy and healthy bunch because we believe that happy, healthy cows make better milk. Our milk is then pasteurised and bottled onsite in our own dairy at our idyllic family farm in Gloucestershire. In our view nature is best so we do not homogenise our milk, preferring to all its nutrients as nature intended, full of taste. We believe this organic milk to be one of the most traceable milks available today with exceptionally low food miles, being bottled on the very site where is was produced, the very same day as it left our ‘Ladies’. The only journey it makes from our farm is to the place where you bought it.

The Ladies, my family and I love producing and bottling milk on our farm – we hope you love it too! 



Locally made by Mummy back at our home New House farm, Charfield.

Large selection of sponge cakes, fruit cakes and yummy baked treats!

On the deli you will find sausage rolls, scotch eggs, quiches and bread pudding loaded with fruit.



Hobbs House is a truly family run business, with members of three generations currently working alongside our enthusiastic team of about 120 employees. We have worked together since 1986 to produce an astonishing range of breads and confectionary to the very highest standards. We provide a personal, individual and friendly service to hundreds of customers who entrust their order to us and our objective is to build a long term relationship with each of them. Hobbs House is also an Investor in People.

The Bakery is located in the medieval market town of Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire. For Hobbs House Bakery the art of making real bread relies on four essential ingredients.

FLOUR: Expertly milled locally to provide a tasty and wholesome loaf, wholemeal flower is coolly stoneground to retain it's nutrients and exceptional flavour by award winning Shipton Mill.

WATER: Just the right amount to bind together the dough that is perfect to hand mould and make a loaf of substance (No crumbling toast with our bread)

TIME: For the dough to rise naturally giving our bread a distinct taste and texture with no dubious additives to inflict wheat or yeast intolerances.

PASSION: Passed down from generation to generation together with a wealth of artisanal knowledge, early mornings and constant striving for perfection.




Donna creates a beautiful range of handmade decorative heat-resistant tableware, including coasters, pot stands and cheeseboards inspired by the Costwold Countryside surrounding her home.



Every batch of our fudge has been lovingly boiled, beaten and blended in our Cotswold Farm Kitchen to create our melt in the mouth fudge. Our fudge is made by hand using traditional cooking methods.



Cotswold Gold is a premium, extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods. This preserves the natural health benefits of the seed, creating and oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 and low in cholesterol.

We only use crops grown on our family farm in the Cotswolds to ensure that only the finest seeds are pressed to create our vibrant, golden oil. All our oil is grown, harvested, pressed and bottled in the Cotswolds

With its natural health benefits and extremely versatile cooking properties, Cotswold Gold is unquestionably the best oil to use for all your culinary needs, from salad dressings to high temperature frying.



A family firm based just outside of Bristol with one mission; to make delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

We stock a variety of their chocolate bars and D'ooh Dahs - handmade discs of chocolates in flavours including sea salt caramel and jelly bean.

Let us know of your favourite flavour!



Jonathan is passionate about his rare breed Old Gloucester Cows and so using their milk to produce his Single and Double Gloucester Cheese was a natural progression. His Farm overlooks the Vale of Berkeley and provides perfect pastures where the cows graze.

By caring about every detail from what the cows eat to how the final cheese is made, Jonathan is able to produce Cheese of the highest quality. 



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